Competency Based Simulator Training

GTSC has devised a unique system which trains personnel for perfection in their jobs. Our Competency Based Simulator will develop the job skills necessary for employees to meet and exceed the expectations required in each of their respective areas.

We have created a series of short courses using our Simulator to develop and enhance the skills of personnel who are new to their jobs thus allowing them to take on their job responsibilities quickly and easily.

Our program offers a rare and valuable opportunity for employees to acquire the necessary experience to possess competency upon assuming their duties. This training will help personnel successfully face all the challenges and difficult situations that they may encounter in the future. Job tasks will be handled more safely with the goal of zero accidents being more realistically achievable.

Our GTSC Simulator training programs highlighted below offer personnel international certification:
  • Well Services Training Well. Derrick of 20 ton lifting capacity atop 1700 ft Training Well to provide hands-on experience for Green Hand personnel and to improve others on their job with development program in Drilling, Well Intervention, Completion and Logging.
  • Drilling Management Trainer (DMT) Simulator provides group skills Training across a wide spectrum of drilling activities within a classroom environment.
  • Drilling Operations Trainer (DOT) Simulators trains personnel in all aspects of drilling operations.
  • GENSIM Oil & Gas Process Simulator improves efficiency and productivity in the key areas of oil & gas production.
  • Test SIM Simulator for Well Testing Training develops personnel as Operators, Supervisors, etc.
  • Coiled Tubing Simulator develops personnel as Operators, Supervisors, etc.
  • Wireline Simulator develops personnel as Operators, Supervisors, etc.
  • MudSIM Simulator to develop Mud Engineers and Drillers.
  • DS 5000 Simulator for Workover develops competency in this job.
  • DrillSIM 20 Micro-portable drilling, Well control Simulator develops competency in this job.
  • DrillSIM 500, super portable Drilling & Well control Simulator provides a high tech, low-cost entry to well control training.
  • DrillSIM 5000, Full-sized Rig Floor Simulator provides an opportunity for drilling personnel to solve all types of drilling problems while obtaining international certificates.
All the above simulators enhance the skills of personnel who require skills and knowledge development in short period of time at much lower cost.