The Production and Workover simulation (PawSIM-5000) equipment is configured to primarily address workover well control training for the well site personnel according to guidelines and regulations required by the various regulatory authorities. In most cases, once the well is dead the exercise is deemed completed and this satisfies the competence testing requirements.

Essentially in the majority of exercises, the simulator requires the trainee to take over a producing well and kill it with two circulations and prepare the well for further well servicing or well intervention techniques. The first circulation will reverse out the tubing contents and the second will remove the well fluids from the tailpipe annulus once the packer is pulled. The PawSIM-5000 simulator is unique in its modeling area in that wellbore fluids are completely tracked under the packer and around the tailpipe region of the well. The workover simulator can also be used to bring a well back on stream and metaphorically hand back responsibility to the production department.