MUDSIM – Mud Treatment Simulator

A First for Drilling Fluids Simulation, MUDSIM is a unique mud treatment simulator aimed at training engineers in drilling fluids technology and in the management of mud systems and solids control equipment.

This PC based package allows trainees to address common problems faced by a mud engineer at the wellsite and gain a greater understanding of mud system interaction.

All wellsite operations are incorporated into the simulator to ensure trainees are given a complete overview of mud system maintenance and a comprehensive understanding of the effects upon drilling performance.

The trainee has to arrange the solids control equipment and build the mud system to suit the training exercise, thereby combining theory with practice.

MUDSIM can be integrated into any drilling fluids course, allowing the development of skills training within the relatively inexpensive environment of the classroom.

The Mud Treatment Simulator was developed in a purpose-built drilling fluids laboratory over a three year period by experienced field personnel and models all water-based mud systems.