CYBERSIM – Mechanized Rig Cyber Simulator

The Mechanized Rig Cyber Simulator based at GTSC in Abu Dhabi is a state of the art drilling and well control training simulator simulating the latest in field drilling technology found on modern day drilling rigs.  It provides a training environment to enhance the competency of Driller and Assistant Drillers tasked with Drilling wells on modern Cyberchair rigs.

New mechanized drilling rigs today utilize “fly by wire” technology to control the drilling equipment. Historically operations such as controlling the blocks, setting the slips, making and breaking connections were all done manually, this is typified by the stand up Driller’s Brake environment and reflected in the DrillSIM 5000 standard Drilling & Well Control Simulator, such as that already available at GTSC.  However, today the 21st Century Driller is more used to sitting in a “Cyberchair” in an air conditioned Driller’s Cabin, controlling the drilling equipment at the touch of an on screen Man Machine Interface button or the flick of a discrete control switch. Drawworks are now moved seamlessly up and down by a joystick mounted on the chair panniers.

The industry is moving from direct hydraulic, air and mechanical control from the operator’s consoles into these systems being driven by PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SBC’s (Single Board Computers) interface remote by an on screen HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Although the CyberSIM environment offers a generic land rig, platform and jackup, surface BOP type operation, it is possible to upgrade the CyberSIM chair to include more Rig focused modules representing both a more specific derrick drilling equipment set and an emulated rig control system such as MH Drillview or  NOV VICIS, Amphions or Cyberbase for example.  These include OEM emulated panniers with matching joysticks and discrete controls to those found on the client’s drilling rig.   Drilling Systems offer these higher level systems that closely match the end user client rigs.