FURUNO A1-2-3 Radio Package RC-1800T

This radio package contains all the necessary radio equipment for ships operating in the GMDSS sea areas A1-2-3. The availability of radiocommunications is assured by product redundancy. The package provides an easy-to-operate configuration, with minimal installation time for retrofitting an existing ship or new builds. Each unit is pre-wired in the rack to help reduce install time. All equipment in the package is type approved to the latest IMO and IEC or ETS standards.

DSC messages are displayed on the 160-character LCD screen. The MF/HF Radiotelephone has a selectable output power of 150, 250, 400 and 800 Watts. The VHF radiotelephone FM-8500 contains a digital selective calling facility and fits nicely in the conning position. It works on all simplex and semiduplex channels as defined by the ITU andlocal Administrations for normal traffic and watch keeping. The VHF communicators can be linked with a Voyage Data Recorder.