Full Sized Rig Drilling & Well Control Simulator

Designed to provide full-sized simulation of drilling and well control operations, the DRILLSIM 5000 is the ultimate drilling training tool for the Oil and Gas Industry.

The DRILLSIM 5000 was developed to meet the training requirements of Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service Company personnel, in both offshore and onshore operations environments. Powered by modern day computer systems, this state-of-art simulator is suitable for all stages of training from entry level to advanced drilling and well control engineering.

Working along or in groups, trainees can execute real world drilling or well control exercises created by an instructor. This develops the trainee’s problem solving skills which in turn, helps reduce the risk of dangerous and expensive incidents made in the field.

Heavy duty steel consoles have been used to ensure the simulator can withstand everyday use. Touch screen terminals provide user-friendly interfaces for instructor and trainee, bringing technology to their fingertips.

With its computer generated graphics, real time simulation and digitized sound effects, the DRILLSIM 5000 has set the standards for a new generation of realism in simulated drilling and well control.