DMT – Drilling Management Trainer

An Integrated Approach ; The Drilling Management Trainer is an integrated PC-based drilling training simulator, requiring four personal computers linked over a Local Area Network. A fifth remote Instructor’s PC station can also be attached anywhere within the network to monitor trainee progress or inject drilling malfunctions to create effective training scenarios.

The standard configuration comprises a Driller’s Station, which controls the rig floor drilling parameters with the trainee assuming the role of Driller. A Drilling Supervisor’s Station is used to order out equipment, monitor the rig inventories and retrieve information from the system for general rig reporting requirements.

The Mud Engineer’s Station requires another trainee to manage the mud system as the well is drilled. The Graphics Terminal offers trainees a ‘window1 of rig floor operations, together with the selected line up of the choke and standpipe manifolds. As the trainees drill the well they begin to interact as a group, resolving drilling problems and enhancing their ‘on-the-job’ skills training.

DMT incorporates the directional drilling models of the Drilling Operations Trainer, DOT, and the mathematical modeling of the Mud Treatment Simulator, MUDSIM. Integrated with lectures and hardware presentations, DMT offers group skills training across a wide spectrum of drilling activities within the classroom environment.