Drilling Rig/Well

The training well is located on the right side of GTSC main building as you enter the center

The well is drilled to 1700 feet and 7 inch casing was set and cemented up to surface. The training well is equipped with 11 inch Casing Head, 11 inch Tubing Head Spool And 11 inch by 4-1/16 Xmas tree with a completion as per attached.

A 19 meter derrick was rigged up on the training well equipped with 20 tons main hoist, rotary table and 3 tons tugger line. The well was then completed with 31/2 and 2 inch down hole accessories and tubing without production packer

This state of the art training well is fully equipped with 7000 gallons tank, twin pump – pre filling and high pressure pump, 2 inch flow line and drilling tools, wire line unit set in fully air-conditioned classroom cum workshop with control console inside.

The well can provide drilling and wire line training on simulators. The wire line simulator connected to the training well is used to train personnel on well intervention discipline in the following subjects: Slick line, Electric line, Braided line, Wire line fishing, In addition to the above, we can provide pressure simulator courses as well using 7000 usg tanks and 3000 psi pump facilities to provide hands-on training experience.